Cyber Risk

In the ever-changing, undeniably-digital world that we live in today, cyber threats are all around us. As a result, cyber threats cannot be treated and viewed in the same light as other, more traditional risks. It is therefore crucial that businesses implement tools and technology to stay one step ahead in identifying their cyber security vulnerabilities.


Disruptive Technology

The pace at which disruptive technologies are arriving is accelerating and changing how we live. Maintaining a firm grasp on technology that has the power to significantly enhance or improve the way our customers, partners or businesses operate is immensely important to the insurance industry at large.


Climate Change

The deep lying impact of climate change is a concern for everyone, including leading insurers across the globe. As the climate clock continues to tick faster than ever before, leveraging climate change innovation is critical to the future of insurance, especially as we face the scary reality that lies ahead.


Computer Vision

One of the most powerful and compelling subsets of AI is computer vision and it’s importance lies in the problems it can be used to solve. By using computer vision accurately, insurers are able to better navigate the complexities involved in understanding their customers as well as simplifying procedures and streamlining operations throughout various stages of the insurance value chain.

Our Programme Themes

We have strategically selected areas of focus that are important to us.
If you are a start-up that passionately identifies with these thematic areas, we'd love to hear from you.


You are working with rich data assets and/or emerging technology with the potential to help insurers better understand their customers; assets; and behaviours.

This could mean you are operating in an adjacent industry with potential application to insurance. I.e. Mobility, Prop-Tech, Ag-Tech or Cybersecurity.


You have a product or idea with a solution aligned to the Firemark Accelerate themes.


We’d love to hear from you

If you are highly motivated by our vision, apply now to see how you can be involved in our next Season.


You are a registered Seed to
Series A start-up.


You have an established traction with a B2B solution with evidence of market validation.


• Start-up recruitment commenced
Start of Recruitment


• Challenge statements announced

• Start-up recruitment ongoing

Shortlisting of Start-ups


• Start-up recruitment finalised

• Start-up onboarding commenced

• Internal and external mentor and start-up matching commenced

Participants Finalised


• Start-up onboarding finalised

• Internal and external mentor and start-up matching finalised



Customised accelerator curriculum, tailored to each start-up’s requirements
Duration of Season 2

JUNE, 2021

Opportunity for all start-ups, ecosystem players and partners to share their learnings and present their outcomes
Showcase Day

MARCH 22, 2021

Season 2 Launch


• Modular programme and design finalised for each start-up
Programme Design 

Programme Timeline

Our upcoming season will catapult your start-up to the next level. Keep track of the key milestones below:


Your catalyst for growth starts here. Unlock your potential with Firemark Accelerate.

Our unique programme empowers start-ups to accelerate to their next destination, fast.


Through investments or commercial pathways, Firemark Accelerate lays foundations for start-ups to land and expand into new markets, build better products and reimagine what a new aged insurance industry could look like.

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