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Risk Education



How might we...
help educate and empower business owners to minimise their current exposure and better manage emerging risks?


  • Making sure business owners have avenues for managing risks associated with cyber attacks, sensitive data loss or extortion.
  • Farmers to have access to the right information to better manage climate-change scenarios that may affect their crops or livestock, and property over time.


For many business owners, insurance isn't top of mind. As they face daily operational challenges, it is difficult for them to grapple with long-term issues.
Many lack the awareness and education to comprehend the material risks that could impact their businesses down the line, and the available tools they can implement to mitigate them.
Identifying and addressing these emerging risks will help customers from falling through the cracks.




How might we...
improve customer experience and our product offering by leveraging data that is transparent, safe and ethical?


  • Insurance companies can use satellite imaging coupled with remote sensing and surveying techniques to monitor the status of, or changes in, natural or built environments (I.e. Homes, farms, commercial sites.)

  • Insurers can perform more accurate and quicker assessments for claims at remote sites and properties.


Drawing insights through data analytics, machine learning (ML) and/or artificial intelligence (AI) helps insurers understand their customers better.

Having reliable data guarantees insurers are ready to capitalise on adjacent or disruptive opportunities as they arise.
As a result of using data correctly, insurers can offer better services as well as customised dynamic insurance policies.


If you believe you have the solution to either of these challenges, we’d like to lend you a hand in developing your business further.

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